Mar 26, 2020

Valuemation 5.2: New release of USU Suite available

The new 5.2 release of our software suite Valuemation is available as of March 31. Here’s an overview of the most important new features in the release.

New module for service design

The new Valuemation Service Designer provides a drag-and-drop option that lets you very easily redesign services with graphical support, adapt existing services, and create service templates and structures. On the basis of a standard service model, you select predefined service modules from a toolbox and use them right out of the box. All service components connected to each particular service module are then automatically added along with their dependencies and subsystems.

Alternatively, you can also redesign services yourself. In consultation with service customers, service and product managers can, for example, define customer-specific services and generate paperless documentation as part of a workshop. Once the design for the respective service is finished, the service’s status is set to “draft.” Then in the service life cycle, it’s transferred to the release process and in the end goes live. At this point, the service can be offered through the service catalog.

Expanded service shop

The new 5.2 release supplies you with multiple predefined enterprise services to directly use in the service shop, including the processes associated with executing and fulfilling service requests through the integrated process engine.

In addition to adapting the shop interface for end users (see the following image), the service shop was expanded to encompass several useful functions for service providers.

  • You can now store customer-specific pricing information as well as several prices per service or product in the service shop for end users — including, for instance, one-time prices and recurring maintenance prices (by day, month or year).
  • You can use the service shop to conclude a master service agreement with individual customers with the help of shop parameters that let you configure the services in your portfolio for a particular customer. You can then create a service instance from this while simultaneously determining what the end user may view or order in the service shop.

New module for calculating service costs

The new module Valuemation Costing & Charging Manager replaces the previous one and offers you comprehensive features for the analysis and user- and usage-based calculation of service costs. External data sources can now be integrated for preparing raw data relevant to billing and, for example, costs for cloud services can be assigned and charged using standardized out-of-the-box processes. The enhanced analysis functions and well-designed dashboards (see following image) give you the tools you need to initiate detailed inquiries and systematically optimize service costs.

Intelligent, AI-based ticket routing

For the efficient handling of tickets in IT and enterprise service management, Valuemation now offers you the option to automatically assign incoming tickets to the correct service areas. Intelligent text analysis automatically checks the content of a ticket, classifies the ticket accordingly and then assigns it to the service group.

Thanks to intelligent algorithms, the system teaches itself the classification rules and, in the process, continues to learn. This dispenses with the previously necessary manual classification steps and manual ticket forwarding — not only for IT tickets, but also for tickets from non-IT areas such as HR, facility management and field service management.

Investing in AI-based ticket analysis and assignment pays off starting at as little as 10 seconds on average for manually processing tickets.

Additional languages for end users

Starting with the 5.2 release, the views for end users and service desk staff will now also be available in Dutch and Spanish.

New user-interface features

To further improve user friendliness, the homepage was redesigned and the navigation was additionally streamlined.

Smart tiles now make it possible for users to independently adapt and configure their personal homepages in a specific configuration mode for initiating defined actions and retrieving lists using drag and drop. The new display enables clear vertical scrolling across all sections.

Individually configurable homepages for service-desk agents

Individually configurable homepages for end users:

Further changes to the GUI involve the role-specific business views, the harmonization and streamlining of catalogs and views, and the redesign of search functions in catalogs.

In addition, the latest 5.2 release offers a multitude of additional new features and improvements for users and administrators.

Further information on Valuemation 5.2

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