Apr 21, 2020

USU Valuemation suite as a development platform for service digitization

One application for all cases: With Valuemation, the USU Group provides a software tool that not only supports all processes for professional IT and enterprise service management. Companies also use the adaptability of the system to digitize additional business processes to meet their needs.

Valuemation provides extensive basic functions for this purpose, such as flexible definition of the user interface, a wide variety of configuration options or graphically supported modeling of processes based on existing templates. USU customers and partners such as Deutsche Leasing or service providers such as S&T, EWERK or Common Sense Consulting (CSC) can use this software to optimize their business processes.

"Valuemation makes it possible for service organizations to automate manual and error-prone activities quickly and as needed without a great deal of effort, thereby comprehensively digitizing service processes," said Peter Stanjeck, Senior Vice President of USU GmbH for the Valuemation business unit.     

Example CSC: 15-20% savings potential for leasing contracts

USU partner CSC has developed its own tool based on Valuemation for automating processes in the area of IT financing. With this tool, all financing processes can be transparently depicted, KPIs can be dynamically visualized, the present value of IT assets in the company can be shown in real time and compared with current benchmarks. Companies can use it to identify and realize savings potential of approx. 15-20% on the managed investment volume. 

"USU and we are united by the core idea of driving the digital future forward with innovative solutions. Thanks to its flexibility, customizing capability and integration options, Valuemation provided us with the optimal foundation for our E.VIEW CORE solution." confirms Dirk Stobbe, founder and CEO of Common Sense Consulting GmbH. 

Find out more in the new USU project report on Common Sense Consulting.