Oct 18, 2018

USU fulfills the requirements for the TISAX standard

USU fulfills the new exchange and assessment standards for information security in the automotive industry with TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange). The company has successfully participated in a comprehensive examination procedure conducted by the accredited assessment service provider operational services GmbH. The VDA Information Security Assessment (VDA-ISA) catalog serves as the basis for this. TISAX is a registered trademark and is operated under the aegis of ENX Association, a consortium of European automobile manufacturers, suppliers and associations, commissioned by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) as a neutral authority. The USU result is only available for downloading within the TISAX community via the ENX-Portal.   

The TISAX model specifies how the increasingly interconnected automobile manufacturers, including the ecosystem of their partner companies and suppliers, can exchange information within their IT systems in a secure and standardized manner. Maturity and requirement levels are defined for different areas such as information security, involvement of third-parties and data or prototype protection. In addition to technical measures, the implementation also requires processes such as risk management and documentation.

“Confidentiality, availability and the integrity of information are of the utmost importance for USU. Therefore, as a TISAX participant, we orient ourselves towards the criteria specified in the TISAX assessment catalog, for the purpose of fulfilling these exchange and assessment standards. This absolutely represents a competitive advantage, as adherence to information security standards is becoming an increasingly important criterion in terms of the awarding of contracts for our customers from the automotive, pharmaceutical and finance industry. TISAX has evolved into a decisive instrument for ensuring a secure means of working with each other,” explains Sven Kolb, Managing Director of USU GmbH.