Jan 14, 2019

Valuemation Analytics 4.9: New release now available

The new release 4.9 of our Valuemation Analytics software is now available. This version offers you the following new features:

Upgrades for analyzing IT financial data

The Valuemation Analytics specialized module for IT Financial Management has been improved and expanded. The new “Calculation Results” cube gives you the ability to analyze the results of calculations in the financial distribution matrix. The cost planning cube was also expanded to include the option for comparing a baseline plan with other budget plans. New dashboards are available that simplify budget data analysis.

New dashboard for budget comparison

This dashboard enables you to easily compare a baseline plan with every budget and to filter according to baseline plan as well as to compare this with the plan for each year and month. A double click opens a detail view on the right with payment information per cost category.

New dashboard for analyzing cost distribution

This enables you to analyze the distribution matrix from the Valuemation module Planning & Calculation Manager and filter the costs according to plan, source, target, year and month. A double click filters the detail view on the right side and displays the payment information.

Updated Valuemation Analytics Toolkit

The toolkit is the central interface for administrators, offering specific tools for the configuration, maintenance and modification of Valuemation Analytics data integration, among other things. Based on customer feedback, we have upgraded the toolkit and rearranged the tiles (see screenshot) in addition to revising the entire configuration area. This makes the toolkit even easier to navigate and its functionalities easier to understand.

Revised System Configuration

The entire System Configuration area has been reworked. First, we have created the new System Configuration Toolkit module, an application for administrators for configuring global system parameters (e.g. general parameters, fact table load parameters, VMA Toolkit, user console parameters and expert parameters). Changes to the system configuration take effect immediately after saving. Second, the Data Source Configuration Toolkit Module can now be used to define and maintain the database connection per data source.

Additional updates

Additional updates involve the storage of transmitted reports in the VMA repository and use of the role-specific options for read permissions at the repository. In addition, in the Job Scheduler it is now possible to create a specific file name for every report.

We would be happy to show you these updates in a Web presentation. Just contact us!

The detailed release information for users and administrators as well as the documentation can be found as usual in the download area of our support page. To access it, you will need your personal login data, which you can request via the user registration page if required.